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Meta Platforms

Main article: Meta Platforms

5January 17:Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta board. [1]

5December 22:EU Commission evaluates Meta's Italian tax case. [2]

4November 30: Meta plans to bring Threads in Europe by the end of December, WSJ reported. [3]

4November 30: A coalition of almost 20 consumer protection organizations has criticized Meta's ad-free subscription. [4]

3November 28:Austrian advocacy group NOYB files a complaint against Meta's ads-free subscription model. [5]

4November 27:U.S court rules against Meta in a privacy dispute with the FTC. [6]

5November 16:Meta Platforms launches two new AI tools for creating and editing videos. [7]

7November 1: European regulators approve a Europe-wide ban on Meta's use of personal data targetted advertising [8]

5October 30:Meta introduces ad-free subscription plan for EU users. [9]

4October 18:Meta is bringing broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger. [10]

6October 3:Meta Platforms wants to charge European users $10.50 a month for an ads-free program. [11]

3September 27:Meta announces Quest 3 headset and new Ray-Ban smart glasses. [12]

7September 27:Meta announced new AI assistants at the Meta Connect 2023. [13]

4September 27:Meta planning to launch account deletion feature for Threads. [14]

4September 26:Threads will continue to rank below X through 2025-Insider Intelligence. [15]

4September 20:Meta Platforms launches WhatsApp payment feature in India. [16]

6September 20:Meta to expand Meta Verified to businesses in Facebook and Instagram. [17]

4September 14:Meta denies plans to introduce ads in WhatsApp chat. [18]

4September 14:Meta rolls out Horizon Worlds in mobile and web in early access. [19]

3September 11:Meta starts implementing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in WhatsApp. [20]

6September 11:Meta is building an AI chatbot that will be as powerful as GPT-4 [21]

4September 6:Meta losses appeal case on a $93,200 per day imposed by Norwey Data Regulator. [22]

6September 6:Meta among those designated as "gatekeepers" by EU commission [23]

5September 1: Meta is considering introducing a paid version of Facebook and Instagram in Europe. [24]

4August 29:Decision by Meta to block news links in Canada have had no impact on Facebook number of users. [25]

5August 24:Meta introduces AI model for writing computer code [26]

3August 22:Meta releases AI translation model. [27]

3August 21:Meta Platforms to lauch Threads web version this week [28]

3August 1:Meta's Ray-Ban Stories fails to attract more users. [29]

8August 1:Meta will seek user consent before allowing businesses to send targetted ads. [30]

6July 29:Threads to add desktop version and search functionality. [31]

7July 26: Threads launched "following" tab. [32]

4July 19: Meta adds new video features. [33]

4July 18: Meta makes its LLaMA 2 public. [34]

7July 17: Norway’s data protection authority will fine Meta $100,000 per day. [35]

7July 13 TD Cowen analyst raised meta platforms price target from $220 to $345. [36]

7 July 13:Meta plans to launch commercial version of its AI [37]

5 July 11:Instagram plans to bring its branded content tools to Threads [38]

8 July 10:The EU and US have signed a new transatlantic deal [39]

8 July 6:Threads passed 10 million sign ups within 7 hours of launch. [40]

8 July 4:EU Court of Justice has ruled that Meta must get user consent before sending personalized ads in certain circumstances. [41]

7 July 4:Instagram is expected to launch Twitter-like app on Thursday. [42]

7 July 3:Meta plans to allow EU users to directly download apps through Facebook ads. [43]

7 June 27:Citi raised price target of Meta to $360 from $315. [44]

7 June 27:WhatsApp Business crosses 200 million users. [45]

4 June 26:Meta launches subscription plan for its VR headsets [46]

5 June 26:Zuckerberg's "Year of Efficiency" theme is paying off [47]

4 June 23:Canada's senate passed a bill yesterday that will require Meta to pay news outlets for content shared on the platforms. [48]

3 June 13:Meta launches AI model that has the ability to finisch uncompleted imgages. [49]

6 June 8:Meta Menlo Park employee meeting [50]

4 June 2:Meta asks employees to come to work 3 days a week. [51]

4 June 2:Meta tests blocking Canadian users from accessing news [52]

8 June 1:Zuckerberg reveals Quest 3 [53]

4 May 26:Meta to limit how it uses its UK ad data. [54]

5 May 26:Mark Zuckeberg's comments indicate that the company wants to pivot to the future. [55]

3 May 23:Meta to sell Giphy at a loss [56]

8 May 22:Meta Platforms fined $1.3 billion and asked to stop sending EU user data to U.S [57]

5 May 19:Meta is currently testing twitter-like app. [58]

7 May 18:Meta has build custom silicon chips to help with AI and Video-processing tasks. [59]

4 May 11:Meta announced AI sandbox [60]

7 May 10:Advertising market is seeing stabilization, according to Meta's Global Business Group head Nicola Mendelsohn [61]

5 May 3:Meta announced new features aimed at improving Reels recommendations [62]

5 May 1:Meta platforms is looking to raise $7 billion in a five-part bond deal. [63]

8 April 18:Meta is reportedly moving away from Metaverse and is now pitching for Reels and AI to advertisers. [64]

4 April 11:Meta rolls out WhatsApp payment tool for SMBs in Brazil [65]

8 April 5:Piper Sandler report shows TikTok declined as Gen Z favorite app [66]

5 April 5:Meta will commercialize its AI by end of this year [67]

6 March 22:Meta's vice president of business messaging departs the company [68]

8 March 21: Meta is likely seeing a turnaround in its advertising downturn. [69]

8 March 16:Biden Administration threatens to ban TikTok [70]

10 March 14:Meta to layoff 10,000 employees [71]

6 March 1:Bill that would give Joe Biden the authority to ban TikTok passed by House Foreign Affairs Committee. [72]

6 February 28:Meta released its roadmap for AR/VR in the next 4 years [73]

7 February 27:Meta announces a new product division focused in generative AI [74]

7 February 24:Meta launches its AI model called Llama [75]

8 February 22: Meta Verified to achieve 12 million subscribers by 2024. [76]

8 February 20: New verification subscription for $11.99 rolled out as a test in Australia and New Zealind. [77]


Main article: 1&1

8 January 17:1&1 currently has 100 active antenna locations, lower than 200 targetted. [78]

6 January 17:1&1 wants fair allocation of low-band frequency. [79]

4 December 14:The Monopolis Commission wants the network frequencies extended for a maximum of three years instead of five proposed by the Network Agency. [80]

5 December 8:1&1 launches mobile services in its network. [81]

5 November 22:1&1 said it will launch smartphone tariffs in its network from December 8. [82]

7 November 9:Federal Cartel Office opposes extension of frequency usage rights. [83]

6 September 18:1&1 concludes national roaming agreement with Vodafone. [84]

9 September 13:BNetZa considers five-year extension of frequencies that expire in 2025. [85]

5 September 7:24 telecommunication providers including 1&1 complain of weak competition. [86]

10 August 2:1&1 signs binding preliminary national roaming agreement with Vodafone. [87]

8 July 19:1&1 wins second case initiated by Deutsche Telecom. [88]

8 July 11:There are now 40 broadcasting stations and 200 antenna sites in total. [89]

8 June 20: German coalition agreement asks BNetzA to ensure competition in mobile communication market [90]

7 June 6: 1&1 sticks to plan to construct 3,000 antenna sites annually from 2024 [91]

5 June 1: Federal Cartel Office responds to accusations of Vodafone and Vantage Towers by 1&1 [92]

7 May 25: 1&1 is also far behind in meeting its "white spots" obligations [93]

5 April 27: A fine proceeding has been opened against 1&1 bythe Federal Network Agency [94]

10 March 29:1&1 2022 earnings results [95]

8 March 30:Rakuten CBO said tower issue is the only thing affecting 1&1 Open RAN rollout [96]

10 February 23:1&1 launches a complaint at the Federal Cartel Office againts Vantage Towers for failing to meet its antenna sites obligations. [97]

10 September 16:1&1 will not meet its 1,000 5G antenna sites target in 2022 due to supply bottlenecks [98]


Main article: Volkswagen

3January 16:Volkswagen in talks with Blue solutions to use its technology to develop solid-state batteries. [99]

6January 12:Volkswagen Passenger Cars said it doesn't expect Red Sea attacks to affect its production. [100]

5December 21:Supervisory Board agreed to tie the management board’s performance bonuses to the company’s absolute net cash flow. [101]

5December 20:Vokswagen to implement Tesla's NACS. [102]

6December 19:Volkswagen said it will take over the state EV subsidy for its ID vehicles. [103]

6December 16:Germany's goverment ends EV subsidy abruptly. [104]

7December 6:Xinjiang audit finds no evidence of forced labour. [105]

7November 24:Volkswagen plans to save 10 billion euros as early as 2024. [106]

6November 13:Volkswagen could cut administrative personnel jobs as part of its cost-cuts initiative [107]

5October 3:Volkswagen hired ex-Tesla and Rivian manager as head of a software hub. [108]

2September 27:Prosecutors searched Volkswagen offices on allegations of excessive salaries to Works Council members. [109]

4September 27:Volkswagen is negotiating a new production deal with workers at its Zwickau plant. [110]

4September 20:Volkswagen will temporarily suspend production of ID.3 and Cupra Born at its Zwickau and Dresden plant. [111]

4September 20:WhatsApp introduces Flows, a new feature aimed at improving experience for merchants and users. [112]

6September 19:Works council demands for clarity on cost-cuts. [113]

3September 19:Volkswagen could turn one of its major clients as a strategic investor for its PowerCo business-CFO Arno Antlitz [114]

2September 18:Volkswagen is considering ending production at its Dresden plant. [115]

3September 14:Zwickau plant will not extend contract of 269 temporary staff. [116]

5September 13:Low demand of EVs threatens job cuts at Zwickau plant. [117]

4September 4:Cost savings from MEB platform enabled Volkswagen to offer discounts in China [118]

4September 4:Chinese manufacturers not a threat in Europe-Oliver Blume [119]

6September 4:Volkswagen's share price decline not a result of ownership structure-Wolfgang Porsche [120]

6September 4:Volkswagen will reduce production in its Wolfsburg plant [121]

7September 4:Volkswagen reiterated that it won't participate in price wars in China. [122]

3August 30:Talks are in advance stage with Mahindra to allow it use its MEB platform. [123]

5August 30:Volkswagen expects production losses in Germany due to floods in Slovenia. [124]

6August 29:SAIC Volkswagen cuts prices of its sport models. [125]

3August 29:Volkswagen to stop production at its Autoeuropa plant for several weeks. [126]

6July 14:"The roof is on fire," said CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Thomas Schaefer. [127]

4July 12:Volkswagen wants to dive into electricity trading. [128]

5July 12:Audi is in talks with SAIC Motor Corp to buy its EV platform. [129]

6July 10:Volkswagen offers discounts in China. [130]

5July 6:China imposes export restrictions on metals used to make automotive products. [131]

7July 6:Volkswagen to launch autonomous driving by 2026. [132]

8June 29:Volkswagen in talks with Tesla to use its NACS [133]

8June 29:Volkswagen replaces Audi CEO [134]

7June 27:Volkswagen cuts EV production amid declining demand. [135]

7June 14:Volkswagen Passenger Cars aims to improve earnings by around 10 billion euros by 2030. [136]

7June 12:Supervisory board to discuss cost-saving measures ahead of Capital Markets Day. [137]

5June 5:Volkswagen wants to rely less on China when it comes to battery supplies. [138]

2June 2:Volkswagen to bring back Volkswagen bus to North America. [139]

5May 25: Volkswagen introduces extra shifts at Wolfsburg plant [140]

7May 25: Volkswagen won't participate in price war in China. [141]

8May 17: Volkswagen restructuring of its core brand will result in at least 3 billion euros in cost savings. [142]

7May 17:Volkswagen won't start building EVs at the same profit margins as combustion vehicles until 2025 [143]

3May 15:Volkswagen to bring its next generation 2.0 platform to the market by 2027 or 2028. [144]

3May 15:Volkswagen receives Kremlin approval to sell its assets in Russia [145]

6May 6:Volkswagen to oust Cariad's management. [146]

8April 21:Volkswagen Group deliveries saw positive growth in Q1 despite weak deliveries in China [147]

7April 18:Volkswagen to invest 1 billion euros to build development and procurement unit in China [148]

4April 17:Volkswagen unveils ID.7 vehicle [149]

8April 12:The upcoming ID.2 will be profitable despite being very cheap [150]

8April 10: China passenger car sales in March was flat y/y [151]

8March 22: EU new car registrations rose 11.5% to 802,763 units in February [152]

8March 21: Volkswagen's Financial Services expects a drop in earnings in 2023 [153]

4March 21:Scout wins $1.29 billion in state incentives for South Carolina Factory [154]

4March 20:Russian court freezes all Volkswagen's assets in Russia. [155]

7March 20:"Euro 7" emissions scheme will affect a third of Skoda deliveries [156]

8March 17:Volkswagen worldwide deliveries grew by 12.6% in February [157]

6March 17:PowerCo to invest in mines [158]

7March 16:Volkswagen to launch ID.2all costing less than 25,000 euros. [159]

4March 16: Skoda in the final stages of exiting Russia [160]

9March 14: Volkswagen announced that it will invest $192.6 billion (180 billion euros) between 2023 and 2027 [161]

10March 10:Volkswagen gives strong revenue guidance for 2023 [162]

3March 7:Volkswagen reverses its 2030 EV target from 70% to 80%. [163]

4March 1:Volkswagen Group is reorganizing its financial services holding companies [164]

6March 1:Russia's Avilon autodealer group to buy Volkswagen's Kaluga plant. [165]

5February 23:Volkswagen to invest more in India [166]

8February 20:Volkswagen electric drive system will offer up to 20% more efficiency [167]


Main article: Spotify

8February 2:Spotify reaches a new multiyear partnership deal with Joe Rogan Experience [168]

8January 26:Spotify says the Apple changes go against the DMA Act [169]

7January 25: Apple revamps its app store to allow users in the EU to download software from outside the App Store, use alternative payment systems and choose a new default browser. [170]

8January 24:Spotify says it will allow in-app purchases of subscriptions and audiobooks in Iphones in the European Union. [171]

4December 18: Spotify slams the French government over a proposed tax on streaming companies. [172]

5December 14: Spotify confirmed to Techcrunch that it’s testing a new playlist AI feature. [173]

10December 7: Spotify CFO to leave the company in March 2024. [174]

3December 4: Spotify cancels two acclaimed podcasts. [175]

9December 4: Spotify to layoff 17% of its employees. [176]

5 November 8:Spotify will use Google Cloud's LLMs to boost discovery and personal recommendations of audiobooks and podcasts [177]

5 November 8:Spotify brings free audiobooks to premium users in U.S. [178]

4 October 24:Spotify plans to develop a new royalty payment model, according to Music Business Worldwide. [179]

5 October 17:Spotify launches a dedicated Merch Hub in its app. [180]

2 October 9:Spotify is putting restrictions on its free tier service in India to get more paid users. [181]

5 October 5:Spotify revamps artists profile page into Music, Concerts, and Merch. [182]

5 October 3:Spotify brings free audiobooks to premium users. [183]

3 September 26: Spotify introduces time-synced transcripts to millions of podcasts. [184]

6 September 26:Spotify launches Jam, a tool for creating playlists by a group of people in real-time. [185]

3 September 26:Spotify will not completely ban content generated using AI. [186]

3 September 25:Spotify testing Voice Translations feature for podcasts. [187]

4 September 22:Spotify could be getting closer to launching the long-awaited HiFi. [188]

5 September 12:Daniek EK refutes claim that artists could make millions by looping songs. [189]

5 September 12:Spotify adds Daylist to its personalized playlists. [190]

3 September 7:Spotify plans to offer premium subscribers free audiobooks. [191]

3 September 5:Spotify starts testing whether to make the in-app lyrics feature a premium feature. [192]

6 September 1:Spotify reduces money-making options of white-noise podcasters [193]

8 August 17:White noise podcasts costing Spotify $38 million in annual gross profit [194]

5 July 19:Spotify launches shared volume control. [195]

4 July 6:Spotify ends premium subcription payment through Apple App. [196]

6 June 29:Spotify video podcasts grows to 100,000 [197]

8 June 20:Spotify expected to introduce a new more expensive subscription plan in October 2023. [198]

4 June 9:Spotify is testing "Your Offline Mix". [199]

7 June 8:Spotify to make podcast exclusives available in other platforms [200]

8 June 5:Spotify to lay off 2% of its workforce [201]

5 May 23:Spotify to use AI to create podcast ads [202]

3 May 16:Spotify expands its DJ feature to UK and Ireland [203]

6 May 8:Spotify purges 7% of songs uploaded by AI start-up Boomy. [204]

4 May 2:Spotify-owned Findaway Voices eliminates its 20% distribution fee for audiobooks. [205]

3 March 22:Spotify expands its audiobooks to Canada [206]

6 March 21:Guggenheim upgrades Spotify from Neutral to Buy and set price target at $155 [207]

7 March 15:Spotify HiFi will still come [208]

10 March 9:There will be a new Spotify design [209]

3 February 22: Spotify launches AI-powered feature called "DJ" to personalise user experience [210]

6 February 21:Max Cutler, Spotify's head of audio talk shows and partnerships will leave the company on May 1. [211]

8 February 10:ValueAct takes stake in Spotify [212]


Main article: Upwork

5October 3:Upwork has introduced Boosted Profiles feature in beta version. [213]

3September 27:Upwork introduces purchase of apps in freelancer account. [214]

5September 18:Upwork introduced schedule rate increase feature for hourly contracts. [215]

5September 1:Upwork raised the number of connects to 4 to 16. [216]

4August 22:Top 10 generative AI-related searches and hires on Upwork [217]

5June 11:Upwork launches new generative AI tools and services hub [218]

6June 26:C-Suite plans to hire more workers as a result of generative AI [219]

5May 22:Upwork appoints new general manager of enterprise business [220]

5April 6:Sunita Solao will join Upwork as chief people officer (CPO) [221]

10March 28:Upwork appoints Erica Gessert as chief financial officer (CFO) [222]

8March 22:Upwork purchases $196.8 million of its notes due 2026 [223]

10March 16:Upwork introduces new pricing structure [224]


Main article: Sixt

8January 16:Sixt signs a multi-billion euro deal with Stellantis for purchase of 250,000 vehicles by 2026. [225]

5December 4:Sixt phases out Tesla models in its fleet [226]

2September 27:Sixt enters into a three-year partnership with Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. [227]

2September 27:Sixt acquires a single-digit stake in Blackpane. [228]

5September 21:Europcar to expand into U.S in 2024. [229]

10February 28:Sixt announced that it will pay dividends for FY2022 that exceed analysts estimates due to a positive year. [230]


Main article: Vonovia

5June 26:Vonovia against expropriation in the state of Berlin [231]

7May 17:Vonovia received criticism from its sharehoders during its 2023 Annual General Meeting. [232]

7May 10:Vonovia offered a series of sweeteners to have Apollo buy 30% of its Portfolio [233]

10April 26:Vonovia to sell its Suedewo residential portfolio to U.S. investor Apollo for 1 billion euros. [234]

10March 18:Morgan Stanley lowered Vonovia's rating to "underweight" from "equal-weight" [235]

10March 18:Vonovia 2022 earnings results [236]

10March 7:Police searched Vonovia for fraud related charges [237]

Deutsche Wohnen

Main article: Deutsche Wohnen

4October 6:Deutsche Wohnen is looking for a buy for its 800 apartments in Hannover. [238]

4September 25:German climate minister wants to suspend upcoming stricter energy requirements for buildings. [239]

3May 23:Proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) backs the call by Elliot to have loan advanced to Vonovia investigated. [240]

7May 23:Activist investor wants loan advanced to Vonovia by Deutsche Wohnen investigated [241]

10March 24:Deutsche Wohnen 2022 earnings results [242]