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InvestmentWiki - open source valuation models that revolutionize buy-side decision making.

Our Vision is to build the worlds first open source investment community around our proven principle based investment framework.

Together we can find alpha, democratize investing and improve capital efficiency.

Join the discussion on our Forum and Discord(to be reorganized).

Our research is collected at the Wiki, Google Sheets and Mindmaps. We are at an early stage with many incomplete articles.

You can get a first impression of topics at Macroeconomics, Industries or Investment Ideas.

Some news are organized at Company News and Macro News but we highly recommend following topics in the Forum and enabling notifications.

More informations about how to participate.

Disclaimer: We are building in public. A lot of articles are drafts and are not reflective of the end result. The InvestmentWiki is still in an experimental stage with no established quality control mechanisms. Our discussions serve information purposes and are not investment advise.

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