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Ways of achieving a Profile photo with drawn effect

There are a lot of tools that can help you do this. Photoshop or other similar apps that require manual editing will not be included here, as using AI is the easiest way and doesn't require downloading anything or having any prior experience in image editing.

  • Following the steps shown in this Youtube video you will be able to create the wanted results using It's a paid app, but as can be seen in the video at minute 4, there are a few really cool styles to choose from (15 styles). It makes your pictures a bit more cartoonish and changes it slightly. It doesn't offer low-poly styles (like in the Linear example), like other apps. Costs $7, one-time payment.
  • Here is an app (NewProfilePic) that takes your profile picture and modifies it very slightly to get a drawn-like picture. Most styles from this app are only available on their mobile app. It's through the most popular apps. $18/year (can also subscribe weekly I think). It makes your picture cartoonish.
  • Using Magic Avatars, as shown here. It has 10 styles, prices starting from $5. A bit cartoonish as well, but with cool styles.
  • Cartoon your image using any app that allows for that (ToonMe, Photolab), then crop it. Here's a step-by-step on how to do that (link).
  • Using Mid Journey (a Discord Bot), which costs $10/month. You need a subscription to invite the bot to your server. In this Youtube video, you can see what you can get from it
  • Using Remini AI. Here's a Youtube video presenting how it can turn your photos (8-16) into an AI generated LinkedIn profile picture. Can only use the AI generator on their mobile app. $3/week.

Most free apps only change the colors of the picture, not modifying anything using AI. I've created a document to present what BeFunky does (Link is here). Very bad results.

Leonardo, Dale-e to try out as free alternatives to MidJourney. Maybe they can create cool pictures, just like the paid apps, but free of charge.

List of apps that I've tried to use for turning a picture into a low-poly profile picture but were very bad at it or don't take pictures as reference, only text: HotPot, PixRay


Free apps are not recommended. They usually don't use AI to generate new pictures based on what you submitted, but instead just use a filter that you can adjust to modify the picture. Low poly art is also not too good on free apps (making a picture into triangles).

Paid apps offer a very good solution to getting a good profile picture. As can be seen in the article, there are enough apps to choose from and it all depends on the style that you are going for (since some apps offer unique styles) and your budget.

For low-poly art, the situation is a bit harder since it's usually done in apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. Haven't found any AI picture generator that transforms a picture into low-poly art. Best option is probably using Photoshop or a photo editing app.